Digital is an amazing medium.  There, I said it.  There is nothing wrong with the instant satisfaction to taking a photograph and viewing it mere seconds after taking it.  With the advent of digital photography, anyone and everyone can now become the consummate photographer.  I will repeat that with a tinge of sadness.  Everyone.

The downside of digital photography is this.  Photographers have become increasingly lazy.  The theory has been thrown out the window with the resulting “spray and pray” technique that has moved into place.  As long as we can “fix it in post” we can do anything.

mamiyaThat’s not my world.  I come from the world of film (which is why the majority of my work is in black and white), and sometimes I find myself becoming lazy, too, I must admit, so every now and then, I have to cleanse the proverbial pallete and dust off my film cameras and take to the city. There is an adrenaline rush when I actually have to take out my light meter and measure light.  There is a giddiness of not being able to look at the back of the camea to see what I have photograph.

There is a sense of suspense when I develop the film and a few hours to a few days later I am revisiting a moment that I have captured on film.

So in my down time, I take to the streets of New York City and whatever catches my eye at the moment, I capture.  Be it a statue, a building, a motorcycle or a homeless person sleeping in the train station.

You may see me walking through the streets with an old 35mm film camera, or my trusty Mamiya RZ67.  If you do, come say hi.  I just might point my camera at you.