Light is Light is back and it’s bigger and better than ever! After years of being one of the most popular and successful lighting courses in the industry, creating countless artists and elevating the lighting prowess of photographers throughout the United States, we have decided to raise the bar and present to you Light Is Light – Master Series.

The Light is Light – Master Series course has been completely revamped into a three day, hands-on, intensive workshop teaching you the science of light and photography.

But there is more. We’ve added a retouching element so you can take your own personal images to the next level!

We cover all types of lighting scenarios: natural light, mixed lighting, continuous lighting and strobes. You will begin to understand how to use different modifiers and apply them to your work and make educated decisions based on what you want your images to say. You will learn first hand how to take your images to that professional level you have always dreamed of.

The Light is Light – Master Series three-day course will consist of:

Day One
Understanding The Science of Light:

Learn to understand light as an emotion. Learn the basic structure and science of light.  Gain valuable knowledge and understanding how light works in all facets of photography.  Deconstruct some of your favorite images and recreate them with ease.   Experience the magic of working with sunlight as well as strobe and lose that title of “I am only a natural light photographer” or  “I only do studio lighting.”  We will make you a well-rounded photographer that will be able to work under any conditions and with any type of light you choose.  Professional models will be available for you to demonstrate your newly learned techniques.

Day Two
Studio Lighting:

This day will encompass all your knowledge from Day One and applying it in a studio setting.  Begin to understand that no matter the light source, the science of light is all the same (hence the phrase “Light Is Light”).  Learn simple and proven techniques and apply them in real-time.  Learn commercial and editorial beauty lighting as well as fashion lighting and portraiture lighting. Learn simple setups for amazing images. Learn to control light and not let the light control you. Learn all the fundamentals of studio lighting and make snap decisions in any lighting situation.

Day Three
Retouch Time:

This exciting and new addition to Light Is Light – Master Series is the retouching portion of the workshop. The end result of any photographer is to take an image from start to finish and nothing is truer than honing your craft with learning high-end retouching techniques.  Think of it like this:  Lighting is the ingredients, shooting is the batter and retouching is the icing.  Learn the tools of Photoshop. Streamline your workflow. Enhance your photographs like professional retouchers.  You will be retouching your own images from the workshop. Minimum requirements for this day are a laptop with Photoshop and Adobe Raw and a Wacom tablet.

Skin 101: This course teaches how to retouch skin naturally. Learn what to look for and how to approach different types of skin.

The Magic of Dodging and Burning: Learn dodging and burning naturally to give your photos a stylized dramatic look.

The Dos and Don’ts of Frequency Separation: Learn how to make wise decisions on using this powerful editing tool to your advantage.

To Reshape or Not Reshape – That is the Question: With so much body modification, learn the techniques that will show you how to transform your subject, but still make them look natural.

Color Enhancing: Learn how to choose colors to help tell a better story or compliment the subject in your images

The workshop also includes:

A hardcover, bound illustrative Lighting Manual. An intuitive User Manual to take home.

Breakfast and Lunch

Space is limited.

Register Now (Next Workshop – June 26 – 28, 2020 – Los Angeles, California)

Light Is Light - Master Series

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    This fee covers: All three days of the Light Is Light - Master Series Workshop. Breakfast, Lunch, Models are included. The fee is non-refundable.
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