A good photograph starts with good lighting.  Over the years, my experience with dealing with clients like Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and various beauty and hair companies, I’ve compiled a wealth of knowledge in regards to lighting techniques.  Imagine at your fingertips the information that can give your images that professional look.  By following my easy to use Lighting Diagrams you can become the photographer you always wanted to be.   You will receive beautiful full color and black&white photographs with their corresponding lighting diagrams.  Each diagram displays angles of lights, types of modifiers used, distance from the model as well as shutter speed information and F Stops (it will be prudent to use a light meter to achieve ultimate success).  It covers Portraiture Lighting, Commercial Beauty Lighting, Editorial Beauty Lighting, Commercial Fashion Lighting, Editorial Fashion Lighting as well as Body Lighting.

I also supply camera settings for optimal results.   The eBook has over 330 pages and contains over 150 different lighting diagrams and techniques.

If you do decide to purchase the book, if you have any questions, you will be able to contact me direct (customer service is paramount to the success of this product). The only thing stopping you is your imagination.  Pick up the Light Is Light eBook today and remember…

Light Is Light!


You can achieve commercial beauty lighting like Revlon and Pantene:  Commercial fashion lighting like Gap, Inc.:

Beautiful editorial lighting:

Light Is Light eBook

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I have the book and it’s an eye opener, I am very satisfied with my purchase and have been bragging to my select photographer friends about it. Best book out there bar none!
Humberto Quntana, Richmond, VA.
I’ve had the book for a minute. Not only does it make sense, it also got my own creative mind flowing to manipulate light. Awesome job my friend.
Andrew Fellers, Atlanta, GA
Your book is simply the best-written, most useful publication on the subject that I’ve ever read.
Deji Odetoyinbo, Ontario
Picked it up about two weeks ago, and I have to say that even if you shoot mainly portraits and or candids you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not investing in this book. Even if you think you have lighting down cold, there are things in this book that should (and have for me) spark new ideas and experimentation. No flukes here. At all. Thank you, Dallas.
Shawn Joyner, Brooklyn, NY
A seriously badass book, Dallas J. Logan. Incredibly informative without any “fluff.” Probably my best educational investment in years.
Beth Claire, Preston, CT
I’ve used that book several times because it’s great to have quick references for setting up shots with reliable and predictable results.
Atiba Sonnebeyatta, Pennsauken, NJ
I thank Dallas Logan for exposing me to his expertise on photography! Not only does he know what he’s talking about, his work speaks for itself!
Tony Roberts, Queens, NY
My photography bible … Over 200 pages and worth every penny!!
Marc Connor, Wilson, NC
Huge difference….. get the book folks!!!! I used to think there is no way that came out of camera like that till I got some good lighting tips from #lightislight
Motelewa Smith, Jackson, TN