You are your brand. Your image is everything. Brand yourself with a high-end, in studio professional photo-shoot with one of NYC’s well diverse, talented and highly sought after top photographer, Dallas J. Logan.

RealEstate Girlfriends is proud to announce its partnership with Dallas J. Logan Photography to bring you a day of shooting your at best you. Dallas is the creator of Light Is Light, an instructional workshop teaching many known photographers in the business how to command a photo-shoot. He has worked with some of the best brands in the business, such as Ford Motors, Ford Models, Global Grind, Saks Fifth Avenue, Luruicci, simply to name a few.

You can not afford to take your professional career and exposure lightly. What is the first thing that you notice about people when you meet them? It’s all about the first impression isn’t it? Exactly. As realtor my image is plastered everywhere. I have some photos that I am not so proud of and the fact of the matter is once the photo is released into the universe, it’s there to stay, forever. What better way to brand yourself and your career by showing up for a take care of yourself photo-shoot. Take advantage of this opportunity to REBRAND yourself through the very thing that people are going to see at first glance, your face. Inspire your brand by having a beautiful new you stand out and be the face that your clients want to follow. If you’re anything like me you love referrals. It’s time to start increasing your earning potential. Start with an investment in yourself. Sign up through the link provided below to reserve your spot on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please email me at:  REGIRLFRIENDS@MAIL.COM or you can call:  917-474-2060

Elevate yourself and your brand to new heights.

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Rebrand Yourself

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