Boring Is Not Sexy… Being Present In Front of the Camera

Most often when I speak with fellow photographers, we all have our issues when working with different models. No two photographers really want the same thing when producing an image, however, there is one thing we ALL have in common. We all HATE boring models. I wrote this blog over […]

The Making of a Well Equipped Model

Yes, it’s me again, and yes another blog is coming your way, just after a short interval of time since the “oath” blog. When people come to my blog (especially models), I always want them to walk away with something that may help them along the way. A lot […]

The Unsigned Model and the Ugly Truth

A lot of models hate me. Let me rephrase that: a lot of wannabe models hate me. Why? Because I tend to tell the truth a little too honest for their liking. I tend to shoot down their dreams (when I don’t mean to). I tend to “keep it real” when they don’t want realness, […]

Model Bootcamp – Releasing the Model Within You

Modeling is organic.  It’s more than just a pose, it’s more than just an angle, it’s more than just a look.  It’s an all encompassing amalgamation of emotions, feelings, movement, posing to create that one orgasmic image.  When I originally wrote this blog, I did not realize the attention it […]

Who The Fuck Are You?

A lot of people have been after me to transfer some of my old blogs over to my new site and you can now stop asking. I will start doing so. This particular blog has got to have been one of the most controversial blogs I have ever written. Every […]

How Much For 1 Look?

I charge a lot of money for what I do. As I stated in a previous blog “What That Photograph Doesn’t Tell You” ( it covers all the minute “unseen” details what of it takes to get a photograph from start to finish.
Once a year, I do a photographic special essentially geared toward young models […]

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