You Have To Look Like Your Photos!

Hey my dear readers I am exhausted today, however, not too exhausted to get this blog out of my system. I have never given this issue much thought, but today I was in such a quandary that I had to address it.
Most times when I write a blog, I don’t necessarily mean to disrespect anyone […]

You Can And Will Be Replaced

I knew when I re-released that blog (“Who The Fuck Are You?” from my archives that I was going to receive a lot of responses towards it (most of them were in private). I got a lot of praise for telling the truth and I even got one “You are a douche bag.” Really? […]

How Much For 1 Look?

I charge a lot of money for what I do. As I stated in a previous blog “What That Photograph Doesn’t Tell You” ( it covers all the minute “unseen” details what of it takes to get a photograph from start to finish.
Once a year, I do a photographic special essentially geared toward young models […]

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