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Model Bootcamp – Releasing the Model Within You

Modeling is organic.  It’s more than just a pose, it’s more than just an angle, it’s more than just a look.  It’s an all encompassing amalgamation of emotions, feelings, movement, posing to create that one orgasmic image.  When I originally wrote this blog, I did not realize the attention it […]

Who The Fuck Are You?

A lot of people have been after me to transfer some of my old blogs over to my new site and you can now stop asking. I will start doing so. This particular blog has got to have been one of the most controversial blogs I have ever written. Every […]

How Much For 1 Look?

I charge a lot of money for what I do. As I stated in a previous blog “What That Photograph Doesn’t Tell You” (https://dallasjlogan.com/blog/what-that-photograph-doesnt-tell-you/) it covers all the minute “unseen” details what of it takes to get a photograph from start to finish.
Once a year, I do a photographic special essentially geared toward young models […]

What That Photograph Doesn’t Tell You

One night I lay in bed with my laptop and I tuned into a CreativeLive webinar featuring Australian photographer Sue Bryce. While I am quite a different photographer than Sue, you can always learn something from other photographers and one of the most amazing nuggets of information she gave me was this: “educate your client.” […]

Light Meter – Yay or Nay?

When I first embarked on this journey of professional photography, this is what my mentor said to me when I purchased my first professional camera: “There are three items you need to purchase when you buy your camera: (a) a 50mm prime lens; (b) a 5 in 1 reflector; and most important (c) a light […]

Like, Is Not Love

When Facebook exploded on the scene in 2004, it revolutionized the internet social-media experience. You were able to chat and socialize with people around the world. It took the American Online (AOL) experience of the 80s, bastardized it, regurgitated it, repackaged it and sprung it on an unsuspecting world.

To say […]

A New Look, A New Me.

Happy New Year, my dear readers.  Can you believe that it has been an entire year since I’ve written a blog?  (Well the truth is, the last one was written December 27, 2011).   I did promise I was going to have a new Dallas J. Logan website and the designers at Ashay Media Group (www.ashay.com) […]

Shamar Forte Bright Lights and New World Group

Thursday, October 11th, 2012 I was officially labeled a director. After a painstaking month of prepping, lighting, shooting, editing and special effects my brand new endeavor Shamar Forte’s new single “Bright Lights” on the EP “Fear of Failure” was released to the public. To say I was nervous would be a severe understatement.

I […]

Get Focused – Get Toys

Everything I do is not surrounded by models, stylists or makeup artists. I am not always on the fashion scene (hell hoodies and football jerseys do not constitute fashion). I don’t follow the latest trends of the new Must Haves. For the most part, I am just a man with a camera, viewing the world […]

I Live In Film

Digital is an amazing medium.  There, I said it.  There is nothing wrong with the instant satisfaction to taking a photograph and viewing it mere seconds after taking it.  With the advent of digital photography, anyone and everyone can now become the consummate photographer.  I will repeat that with a tinge of sadness.  Everyone.

The downside […]

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